About - Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson Photography started back in 2009 with a camera and a speedlight. My goal was to create images that people wanted to stare at, even if they weren't sure why. This seemingly simple goal took me to the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where I spent countless hours in the studio and sitting behind a screen in Photoshop. After school I worked as a retoucher at Sugar Digital. Sugar gave me incredible experience working with clients like Coca-Cola, ESPN the magazine, Tazo, Google and more. I emerged a different photographer and retoucher, with new skills and a distinct style.

Fast forward a few years and I've had the pleasure of working for incredible clients like Ariat International, 1st Bank, Oracle, Inov-8, Giro, Dragon Alliance, Scholastic, Zondervan and many more. My work has appeared in some pretty rad magazines like Professional Photo, Surfer, Good Light!, ISO 1200, CMYK, Springs Magazine and Colorado Springs Style. I specialize in composite photography and hi-end retouching, which means that everything you see is done by me from start to finish. I'll be with you in the studio or on location, and I'll be at the computer bringing your concept to life. So dream big, and let's make something worth staring at! After all, you only have 2 seconds to grab someones attention...I can help you do that.

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