Matching Light and Shooting Backgrounds

Well, so far 2017 has been a whirlwind of awesome, and I hope that it's bee the same for you! I wanted to take sec to talk to you guys about the latest set of tutorials we released and give you a quick thought on how to use them. Last year we launched a video called "Intro to Lighting Modifiers for Composite Photography" and that was intended to give you a starting point to choose how to simulate different types of light, or just know what the heck different modifiers do! If you haven't seen that one yet give it a quick watch before you continue with this blog:

So now that you know what they do it's time to start working on a composite! We just recently released a video explaining how to shoot a background for a composite, it will help you get some of the basic practices down to make sure your composites go together seamlessly. Check that one out and then keep reading for our latest video:

Got it? Good! Now, for our most recent video we are heading into the studio to show you how we shot the model for the background! I'll be launching a more in depth Photoshop tutorial in the next couple of weeks showing you how I pieced together the final composite for this one. While you're waiting for that go out and shoot some composites, but first, check out our latest video below:

Would love to hear any feedback from you guys and I am working on better sound and color for you all in the next set of tutorials! Also, we'll be launching another video on how to light a subject, and place them into backgrounds that you don't have the measurements, for coming really soon! Go make stuff, and be awesome!


Collaboration - Creating Beauty Together

I have posted about topics similar to this before, but for this post I wanted to talk specifically about collaborating with other artists. I think at the heart of this topic is something very simple that I believe in with my whole heart, the idea is this: PEOPLE WANT TO CREATE AND BE A PART OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS.

I always arrive on set early. I mean, I am a punctual person, but that's not why I do it. I actually love being on set, there is something about it...something unlike anything most people will ever experience. Especially in the beginning of my career I loved being around and on set, it didn't matter how much, or even if I was getting paid, I just wanted to be there. Most of the creatives that I have met feel the same way, especially if they love what they do, we just want to be around it. I bring this up because I think a lot of creatives seem to act as if they are the only ones who feel this way, like they can't ask other people just to create for the pure joy of it if money isn't involved. Granted, I like money, and I think most of the people I work with would like to make money, but at the core of what we do is not money. It's passion and creativity.

With this post I want to encourage you to do something big and scary, and to ask other people to come alongside you to make it a reality. I think you'll be surprised how many people are not only willing, but WANT to help you with your vision. Think big, think dream locations, think beautiful Models, think incredible Make Up Artists, think talented Videographers, think amazing Assistants, you get the idea...THINK BIG! Below are two of the most recent collaborations we have worked on...working with crews of up to 7 people, just to make something beautiful.

Madison Flowers

Sierra De Grasse

I also want to take this blog to do one more thing...thank the people who have been so awesome in helping me create.

Riley Marlene (@Riley_Coyote)
Lisbeth Splawn (@LisbethSplawn)
Sierra De Grasse (@Sea_Air_Ah_)
Madison Flowers (@Loki_Goddess)

Make Up Artist/Hairstylist:
Marlene Jimenez (@hello__marz)

White Summit Films:
Storyteller Creative:

They don't really have websites, but Brent has been my first assistant for a long time and I can't even say how invaluable he is on set, from the mundane to the complicated, he's been there through it all. Savannah has recently joined our crew and has already proven to be an incredible presence and help on set, look for great things from her in the near future!

Hopefully this inspires you to get out there and make something beautiful, the world is waiting for you...go be awesome!


Behind the Image - Lisbeth Splawn

We recently had the pleasure of working with Model and Actress Lisbeth Splawn. The goal was to create moody, vintage portraits with a Dan Winters meets Aaron Anderson look. If you aren't familiar with Dan Winters work I would highly recommend you take a look at his website:

One of the great and unique parts of this shoot is the DIY aspect. Both the background and table were made specifically for this shoot, and I'll talk a little bit about how it's done in the video. Check out the videos below and see how it's made, then keep scrolling to see the final images from this shoot! 

Thank you guys for following and if you have any questions don't hesitate to shoot me a message...until next time, be awesome!

Behind the Image - Vintage Hotel

Hello blog follower people! I am starting a new series of videos that will be combined with blog posts called "Behind the Image". My goal with these is to break down recent images we've created and go over lighting, gear, etc so you know how we did it. This should be an on going series in addition to the BTS stuff we do for our shoots, a little something extra for you :)

The first shoot I want to showcase was a personal project we just wrapped up in a vintage hotel room. My goal, was to create moody cinematic portraits that had an ambiguous story of loneliness and thought. Check out the videos below to get the inside scoop and then keep scrolling to see our final images! 

Shoot me a message if you have questions and watch for the next episode of Behind the Image coming soon! Until next awesome!

New Tutorial Series!

I am happy to announce the launch of the first video in the beginning of a series on composite photography! I am starting with the basic tools that you will need in Photoshop and in the studio, and then taking you all the way through an actual shoot that we'll turn into a composite. They'll be in bite size pieces that you can use independently, but you will also be able to watch them in order to learn each step of the process. 

Without further delay here is the first video on the pen tool and creating paths in Photoshop!

If you have any questions just shoot them over in the comment section, either here or on YouTube and I will do my best to get to them! These will be launching over the next couple of months, and our next video will talk about selections and refining masks. Stay tuned go be awesome!


Greetings Everyone! Things have been so crazy that I haven't had a chance to update the blog with all the happenings! For starters we now have YouTube channel! This channel will be where all of the new tutorials and educational content live. I will have them on this site as well, but make sure click below to see the new channel and subscribe:

Click Here to See Aaron Anderson Photo on YouTube

Now that you're subscribed on YouTube (wink wink) I wanted to share a video from there that I just posted. One of the major things that we've been working on is the opening of our new exhibit Periphery,  located at the Taylor Museum in the Fine Arts Center. This exhibit features 10 portraits of people experiencing homelessness in Colorado Springs at the time of the shoot. Our exhibit will be displayed until Sept '16, so if you are in the area please stop by and have a look! ( We partnered with the Springs Rescue Mission for this project and you can read more about the experience through a post I wrote for their blog here:

Click Here to Read Humanizing the Homeless

Once you've finished reading that I would encourage you to watch the video below to see footage from the Grand Opening and hear a little more about the project itself. You'll also get a sneak peak at the images, so make sure you watch the whole thing ;)

I hope that all of you are inspired to use your skills as an artist to impact your community, remember, you can make a person at a time. Until next time - BE AWESOME!